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Welcome to the Columbus Midwife Collective. We are a group of professional midwives working together to offer the best possible care to our community. We are committed to using our collective power to provide respectful, empowering, and family-centered home birth care.

The midwives in our collective know that well supported families have the greatest potential from the beginning of life. Optimally, all families have a deep, rich, and authentic circle of support. We are dedicated to caring for ourselves and one another, so that we can be resourced and present for supporting our clients. We build a community of support by attending births together, communicating frequently, being available as back-up if a midwife has a planned or unexpected event, building collaboration with allied professionals and the medical community, sharing research, information, and peer review. 

Each midwife in the Columbus Midwife Collective has her own practice and individual practice style, while as a group we are committed to Standards of Care, as outlined by the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives. We attend births in teams of two, so you will have two midwives at your birth.


We want you to choose the midwife or midwives that are the best fit for you. To learn more about our midwives, check out the links to the midwives individual websites and contact information, on the 'Meet your Midwives' page. Families seeking care can interview the midwives individually, or come to one of our "Get to know the Collective Midwives" events, both are free of charge. 


The Columbus Midwife Collective is available for informative talks, events, and panel discussions. Contact any one of our midwives for more information.

three midwives at a table
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